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 "My puppy Buddy, Loves the adult and puppy kibble more then anything else we  have given him in the past. Also he has a normal
 bowel movement and we are so  happy that just within a weeks time he doesn't have anymore gas problems.
 Now the only problem we have is he makes a mess on the kitchen floor....god  bless him. I will be ordering more in the future.

 Thank You,
 Melissa Zawislak
 Mountain Home, AR"




    "Hello!!  Just wanted to Thank You for providing this Great food for my babygirl,  Cardin.  She just LOVES the dogfood!  We have been
    purchasing Flint River for  the past  year and it has improved Cardins' health!  We would and do HIGHLY  recommend this  dogfood to
    anyone who LOVES their pet!!  Thank You!! 

    Dawn & DJ"
(Jacksonville, AR)



MoeEating-small.jpg (7600 bytes)

Larrylooking-small.jpg (12020 bytes)

Our Own Story...

Taking the advice of a holistic veterinarian, we began feeding the Flint River Ranch food & treats to our two dogs and cat.

One of the dogs, Larry, could barely stand at times due to severe arthritis caused by an ineffective knee surgery. We gave him a few Jubilee Wafers each day, and after just a month, he was able to stand and move more freely again. He continued to improve, and we no longer needed to take him to the vet every two weeks to receive shots for the arthritis. We saw even further improvements since feeding him the Senior Plus dog food.

Our other dog, Moe, and our cat, Curly, suffered with food allergies. We were constantly taking Moe to the vet due to his bleeding hot spots, and we were concerned about all of the antibiotics and steroid shots that he was receiving. We were also concerned about Curly, who had been losing her hair and was practically bald on one side of her body. After one month of eating the Lamb, Millet & Rice dog food & the Lamb, Barley & Rice bone treats, Moe's hot spots disappeared. Also, Curly's hair slowly grew back within about 3 months after eating the Cat & Kitten food. She now has two sides of healthy fur, & Moe no longer suffers from hot spots. Needless to say, we love this food!

Bob & Deena, Vista, CA




    "Henry my golden retriever is healthy today due to the sensitive dog food.  Before he was     covered  with sores and taking medication and shots without relief.  Now he is happy, active and no sores.

    When we first got Henry he was about 2 years old and weighed only 45 lbs.  We rescued him, you  could not tell he was a full blooded golden retriever.  The vet was not sure we would be able to  save him, but as you can see today he weighs about 100lbs and is a wonderful addition to our  family.
"                   Glinda (New London, NC)



Deena, I have to tell you this! Just offered Ralph the Dog a store-bought treat someone gave me. He looked at it and walked away. Then I offered him a Flint River Ranch biscuit. That one he gladly took.  Took him to a new vet the other day who asked if he had had his teeth cleaned recently. I've never had them cleaned in the 3 years+ that I've had him. Don't look like they need it. What's more, no one can believe he's 14. Must be the food!


Ralph Miami.gif


"First, we want you to know that Sunshine has done wonderfully on the FRR cat food.  Like one of your testimonial cats, once we gave it to her, mixed in with her regular food, she picked out the FRR food and left the other food in the dish.  In fact, she likes it so much that we have to give it to her in small amounts, because she’ll usually eat every morsel put in front of her.  As long as we don’t give her too much at a time, she no longer throws up her food.  She used to throw up at least 1-2 times per week before.  And she has always been very picky about food, so we’re delighted all the way around – and so is Sunshine.  She seems to have more energy and I think she’s losing weight, too.  We’ll see next time she goes to the vet.
 Thanks for the thoughtful articles on things to consider before buying a cat or dog.  People often don’t realize that pets are members of the family and need love and attention just like children.  We’ve had 4 miniature dachshunds and 5 cats over the years.   They’ve been wonderful members of our family.
 Thanks again, for your care about pets.  You’re doing a great service – for people and their petsJ      Jim & Carol Ellis"



sassy.jpg (34065 bytes)

 Hi Deena!

 Time to order more  LAMB/Millet/RICE for my SASSY.  Of course, Like I told you before, all four of my babies love this food and
  prefer it to theirs.  The important part is that Sassy is no longer biting, itching or scratching at herself! Her hair is back on the
  spots that she was chewing and she is doing terrific! She loves the LAMB/Millet/Rice and is healthy again thanks to this
 product! Thanks again for you quick service and delivery and for offering such a wonderful product!

 Susie Given


Hi, Deena!   This is actually our second order of the Lamb, Millet, Rice Wafers.  I emailed you with our first order of the Fish & Chips food.  Our little Chloe has a severe case of colitis.  We were scared to death to give her new food, but she was having attacks every 3 weeks with Science Diet I/D.   The Fish & Chips food didn't work out because she still had attacks.  We have had her on the Lamb, Millet, & Rice food for almost 2 months, and she hasn't had any attacks or even any symptoms.  She loves the taste of the food, she loves the treats, she has energy again & is playful.  My husband and I are thrilled and so comfortable again.  Thank you for this product and thank you so much for the advice on how to introduce the new foods to her.  Your concern for her well being was very comforting.  We look forward to future contact...you certainly have another set of loyal customers in us!

Mike & Denise Perlich



Hi, Deena...

I just wanted to say "Thank you" for your newsletter.  I appreciate the time and effort that you put into producing it.  I always enjoy reading it!

Yvonne L. Williams


We have been using exclusively the Flint River Trout and Potato (Fish & Chips) for just over a year for our Bullies and the improvement is phenomenal.

The biggest improvement has been our yellow Lab, Faith.  We spent four years of constant treatment with Panalog - Ottman with minimal improvement.  Her allergies were so bad that we had a Vet tell us we would have to get her ears amputated.   (That's when our frantic search brought us to Flint River Ranch).

After two weeks on Flint River she was a different dog.  After just one month her ears were healed, and her coat was soft and thick!

What a difference "True Quality" food makes.  We tell everyone about it, and recommend it to every dog owner we come in contact with.  I know that several people we have referred are now using Flint River.

Thank You,
Jamie B. Kimball


Dear Deena,

I just wanted to let you know how much our dogs love this food!  We have two Scotties, ten year old Tosh and two year old Piper, and they were really struggling with allergies.  After gradually switching their food, their allergies have drastically improved - no more face rubbing or skin irritation!  Thanks a million.

Patricia Bryant
P.S.  I've attached a photo of Piper.



Hi, Trish here with Cavé & Rocket... My dogs LOVE the Lamb & millet dog food.  I feed them an all natural diet. Last night we had lightly sauteed chicken necks, beef heart strips & meatballs with kelp, alfalfa, flax seed, & artemesia, & 1/2 bagel with cheese. I also always leave out a bowl of Flint River Ranch dog food, so they are never hungry. Borzoi are like cats, they only eat what they want so you don't have to worry about them overeating.  Well last night they just picked at their dinner so after about a half an hour I put the rest back into the fridge. Now bear in mind this is food that my friends comment about how good it smells. :)..After a little while I hear this crunch , crunch, and I go around the corner & here are both boyz with their heads in the dog food bowl eating like they hadn't eaten in days!!

What a testament to the taste of the Flint River Ranch!! Thank you so much for making it available.. I will be ordering another bag soon as I live in
South Florida & it is beginning to be hurricane season & I dont want to run out.. Take Care, Trish, Rocket & Cavé


Hi Dee.......The  Trout & Sweet Potato Wafers were delivered today. "Miss Kitty" my sweet Shih Tzu started wagging her tail and licking her chops even before I opened the wafers. She ate three in a row !!  Then waited about 15 minutes and begged for another !!  She has a particular way of asking to go outside and/or wanting a treat. I thought she wanted to go out....but No, she stopped at her treat station...for 1 more. Thanks for offering such healthy and yummy food and treats for our babies........Carol Davis

A friendly  note to say the food arrived so very FAST!
My hearty eater did not have a chance on eating up all that was left of his food before my shipment arrived!  (wink/smile)
Thanks again for your excellent customer service and look forward to many more years of doing business with you!




Deena,   A huge thank you from a devoted Lab Mom and professional pet nanny!  We have 3 labs and have tried every type of food out there!  But poor choc. Mocha Soup, was allergic to everything and chewed her feet till they were raw!  And then would scratch and be so lethargic!  But upon receiving the Trout and Sweet Potato kibble, not only was Mocha happy, running around, but her feet are completely healed.  Older, finicky sister Molly Tamale, actually pushed her sister out of the way to finish her bowl of Trout!  Our pups that board with us crave that food and I will tell all their owners to order this for their babies! You have saved us $$$$$$ in vet bills.  Such great service and such a fantastic product!  Lisa,  Redmond, WA


Dear Deena,
      I just had to email you to let you know how pleased I am with the dog food I had ordered.  My dogs have been getting recurring ear infections, so I decided to see if a change in diet would help.  They usually let their food sit all day in their bowls until they are hungry enough to eat it.  Well yesterday, I mixed half of the Life's Abundance food with their Purina and they gobbled it right up.  They did the same thing this morning!  I'm so glad we've finally found a food that they enjoy which also happens to be good for them.  I am going to your website right now to order more.  Thanks so much!

Jill Coons






Hello, Deena,
     Bailey and Beau are doing so good!  I put them back on the Flint River and all the vomiting stopped almost immediately!  We are so amazed at the improvement, and it is so good to see them both feeling normal again.  Little Bailey has a sensitive tummy, like his mommy, so we are going to stick with this, no changing to so called prescription foods again.

Thank you for talking with me and sending the sample treat.

Sincerely, Barbara, Bailey, and Beau Rucker


Please leave at front door...I wanted you to know that Figgy & Squeety are doing so much better on the flint river cat food.  They always ate meow mix & threw up more than they digested...Because of all the hurricane action in south florida, I purchased another bag of Meow Mix and they proceeded to start throwing up again...so here I am again...I hope never to have to switch back!!

Thanks, Trish, her 2 Borzoi & 2 cats (python, turtles, gerbils, teenagers)


Hello Dee,
Yes I have been using the Flea Free on my outside strays.  I put some in the water because it is too hard to make sure they get it in their food, too many feed at once.   And I can honestly say that not 1 of them has had a tick on them yet!!!!  So I   just ordered more for my sisters' critters.  Thank you for the good things and food.  My cats just LOVE it and of course my dog (Dozer) also loves the food and Jubilee biscuits.

Janet Meixsell



I have a 8mth old puppy named Josie.  My fiance and I adopted her back in September, here in Estero [10 miles north of NAPLES, FL].  During the month of October through November, she was on ADVANTIX, but received NO resistance to the ticks in our tropical-like climate.  In one month's time we counted 18 ticks on her.  Now we do live in a gated community in a new development, so I wasn't sure if it was due to hurricane Charley, the season, or to the fact that we are living in new construction.  Either way, I was terribly upset that her ADVANTIX was not working,...at all.

We were referred to Flea Free by someone we ran into at an outdoor shopping complex.  Since Josie has been on Flea Free and it has been a wonderful, healthy alternative for Josie that actually works without the harsh chemicals.  We are very thankful your company allows us to order the product on-line.  We certainly appreciate the convenience.  Since our 'tick tragedy' we have told other pet owners of this product, and now we will have to let them know of your website.

Best Regards,
Jessica Campanile


Good morning and thank you.

I am so pleased with this product (Flea Free Food Supplement) for Frits... his fur is so shiny and healthy looking and he has lots of energy...

I will be looking at trying some treats or moist food as well next time around.  I have also had my brother try the Flea Free for his dog as well and know he will too see good results of it.

Have a good day.
Mary Ann


Hi Deena, how are you?   I just have to take the time to tell you about Molly.   She has been on Flea Free for about 5 weeks.   We had a friend stop in last week and commented how good Molly looks and that her eyes don't look glassy any more.  I didn't realize they did.  We have a massage therapist for her.  She was here today, absolutely could not believe the improvement in her ability to move so much better.  I did not say anything previously that she looks like she's loosing weight and she noticed it right away.  I changed her food to merick 3 months ago but since she's on Flea Free it seems like she's losing easier and so is our male, Dusty, who was starting to pork up.  With one of the vets it has been a very soooore subject.  I have had her on a diet for 2 years and she lost very little, now you see right away she is losing and I have to think Flea Free is part of this.   I am so tickled.  I also think I have a shop owner talked into being a distrubtor for you.  Did I mention THERE'S NO FLEAS EITHER.  The effect on Molly is so great i just had to write to you.  THANK YOU.  Please send me another bottle.   Diane, Molly & Dusty.


I have ordered Flea Free before, but I don't have my FRR#. I also wanted to say that Flea Free is the best product I've ever used with my cats.   I have cats that stay indoors and out, and I've had problems with fleas in the house.  Since I've been using Flea Free, I have not seen one flea inside. Thank you so much!!

...I tell everyone I know about Flea Free if they are having problems with fleas.  The two things I like most about it are it really works and it is natural.  It has also helped with ear mites, and my cats have a really shiny, soft coat.

Thanks so much,
Greenwood, SC


Hi Deena,

I received everything the other day.  Thanks for the trial size of shampoo - it smells wonderful.  I almost want to use it on my hair!!!

...By the way, the baby doxie loves the rope toy you sent - that was really sweet - it has become her favorite.

The Flea Fre seems to be working already on the rotts...they are not scratching as much and we are not seeing fleas any more!  Is that
possible it could be working so fast?  If so, you have got yourself a product that is worth its weight in gold, and I will promote it to
every dog owner I can find!!!

Thanks for all your help,
N. Lauderdale, FL


Just a short note to say how pleased we are w/the results of your flea product.
2 of 3 cats took to it in their water w/out hesitation.
The other cat prefers it in his food.  (or rather doesn't protest.  Picky don't ya know.)
All in all, your product delivers as advertised.

RD Dempster


I just wanted to tell you how much my 2 dogs love the DryWater food.  I give it to them once a week and they just love it.  Thank you for making such great food for my pets!

Mary Turner


Hi Bob & Deena...As the Monkee's sang..."I'm a believer" that applies to me and Flint River Ranch dog food. My Shih Tzu..."Miss Kitty" should be named Miss Fussy Eater....until today !!! I couldn't wait to see if she would eat the kibble....She gave a big sniff and dug in..never stopping till it was all gone...She loves it !!  TY 4 everything,  Carol in  Akron,Oh



I have a "bone" to pick with you and the shipment of dog treats that arrived last night.   This was my first order and I had no idea what to expect. As soon as I opened the box a riot broke out and I was almost trampled to death by my four very large dogs and a Chihuahua!  Seems your dog treats have a mind altering ingredient in them which causes mass hysteria among K9.  My house turned into total chaos and I was forced to dole out treat after treat until I could catch my breath, regain my strength, get the treats into their container and close the lid!  

May I suggest putting a warning label on future shipments of this product.  Your customers should be made aware of the possible dangers they face once the package is opened!

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

Lori Kendall

I am writing to you to say I am glad I ordered this Flint River Ranch dog food.  I saw some letters about how their dogs really liked this food.  Well to tell you the truth I thought that it wasnt true, but I have to say that my dogs just love the food.  I have 2 chihuahuas and when I recieved the food my youngest one just acted like she was telling me hurry up and open it.  I want some. haha, I just could not believe how they both just loved it, i mixed it with their other food and they scooted the old out of the way to get the new  I was so amazed that they did that.  I want to thank you and I will be ordering again from you soon.

                                                          Thank You Again
                                                         dove7861 (aka Susan)


I wanted to let you know that I received the sample pack today. I can't believe how big it was, and the variety of products is outstanding! But, the best news is that Phoenix loves it! He would never eat "dry" food-if he did, we had to mix in other wet foods with it. I opened the lamb, millet and rice pack, and he gobbled it down! I could not believe my eyes! You can bet that I am going to order this food! I had tried something called "Spots Stew" which is an organic wet dog food. Phoenix was not impressed. This is great. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will continue to eat this food. With his diabetes and colitis, this quality food will be better for him than what he is eating (or not eating, as he can be quite picky). Thank you so much.

Ruby Alvey 


Hi Dee,

I am about to go to your website and check on the Peanut Treats, as my Bugsy loves the wafers you sell for his bad knees, but I wanted to ask a question.

Bugsy is my 6 yo chi who will walk and make outside, but when we had the fires here in CA I trained him back to paper so he didn't breath in the ashes in the air and on the ground.  He always makes on his pp pads in the kitchen, but the minute I put down a throw rug in the kitchen, he will go over and mark it.  Do you carry anything or know of anything that I can spray on the throw rug to keep him off of it?  I have had to take it up and y floor is cold. LOL


PS...Thanks for your great Newsletters.  I really enjoy reading them.


“I'll have to tell you.  The dogfood came today and my Basset, Rosebud, is hooked!  It actually caused a fight between her and her sister.  I have been feeding "Professional" brand and I still have to play the game of what I should mix with it-hmmm, cottage cheese, or chicken that I would cook all night in the crockpot. Then, they still wouldn't clean their bowls.  I have tried Solid Gold and they didn't think it was any better. 

 Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time and I would love some info. 

 Maribeth Walker”  (Minerva, OH)


“Hi Dee,

I need to order another 20 lb. bag of senior kibbles plus.  

I might add that my dog's poops have never been so beautiful.  She tends to have loose stools from time to time and has not had any problems since on Flint River!”  

Kyle Heath



“Hi Deena,

It was nice speaking with you also.  I meant to tell you that Ana just LOVES the dog bones.  Sometimes she even wakes me up at 4 am because she has a "craving"!!!!!   She doesn't over do it though!!  And you were right about putting her old dog food next to the flint river dog food.  She went right for the flint river---in fact I had put them in the same bowl and picked out the flint river and left the rest!.

Thanks and have a great holiday weekend.
Joyce Kocurek”


“Thank You.  The cats just love this food and

I do believe their health has improved as well.

Lisa Garrett”


You have been very helpful. I have been searching for food for 1 of my cats (have 2). This one in particular had 90% of his colon removed and I couldn't find food that agree'd with him. It has been years and Im so happy I found you...
Have a wonderful day.

Ann (from West Hempstead, NY)



“Hello Deena,

My name is Donna Line. 

 I ordered for the first time a 3lb. bag of the Flint River Dry water for my dog " Moe",
I must say,,, I am shocked and impressed.  Moe will not usually eat anything that hasn't come out of my oven.  He has extreme food allergies and we have narrowed him down through blood tests that he can only eat chicken and turkey.

He can tolerate the ingredients in your food and he WILL eat it,, He loves it.

 I look forward to hearing from you and would like to re-order,



“Hello Dee,

A thank you from " Moe"

Your quick and courteous service is appreciated.     DonnaLine”

We have 5 dogs, so here goes:  Gracie, Sept 4, 12 years old;  Winnie, June 25, 11 years old;  Jessie, March 12, 6 years old;  Maggie, August 1, 5 years old; and Tucker, August 4, 2 years old.  For Gracie, Winnie, and Maggie the dates are actually anniversary dates for when they came to live with us.  They and Jessie are all rescue dogs, so we don't know actual birthdates, just the year in which they were born.  We have documentation for Jess and Tucker.  It doesn't matter, just so we celebrate. 

 They all continue to thrive on the new diet......Tucker's gut has never been better, and the old girls are bouncing around like youngsters.  Also have noticed that Maggie, who has always been very hyper, has calmed down a bit.  Tucker hasn't been to the vet since we changed to FRR; even though that's only been a couple of months, it's the longest vet-free interval since we got him at 9 months of age.  I believe that since we changed his diet at such a young age, he will live longer than most Goldens and will be healthier his whole life.  I'm so thrilled I found this dog food! 

 Thanks for your continued support and interest.


“Order came TODAY.....  That was FAST >>>>

If Lit'l Bit was a large dog, I would have been bowled over as I filled her
dish.  I barely had it in her dish when she began to CHOW down....  Mixing
it didn't work.  She just spit out the old and left it all over the

Thanks so much for making BOTH of us HAPPY :?)
(Seabeck, WA)



I just wanted to let you know that I love the newsletters you send and forward them on to my friends with dogs and cats.



“I would like to add I'm very happy with the results of feeding my guy the Lamb, Millet, Rice Dog Food. He transitioned to the new food with no problems and is regaining the weight he lost on the "Vet prescribed food". I'm really thankful I found Flint River. I could not put him back on the common store bought dog food, something in it was making him violently ill, and he was eating over 4 cups a day of the other food from the vet and went from 49 lbs to 44 lbs in a month....not good for any dog and not for a 1year old Standard Poodle that is still growing. But he is doing just fine now, energy level is back up, and eyes are bright! I think the Lamb, Millet, Rice Dog Food is just what he needed. "

Georgann McGeorge (Phoenix, AZ)


“You are welcome!!  My dogs adore those biscuits - started our new litter of 7 puppies on them this morning!  It was a big hit!!




Im so excited about this food.  This weekend my cat had a check up and he LOST weight
(which never happens).  He is doing better than expected. Im soooo please with your product. I hope I included enough info for my reorder. If not, please let me know and thanks again!!!!”

Ann Shelton


“Dear Bob and Deena,

I would like to order a 20-lb. bag of Lamb/Millet/Rice dogfood.  One of my schnauzers has had “schnauzer bumps” most of his life and we have tried everything to cure them.  For the first time, we are seeing a drastic change in his skin since he has been eating Flint River Ranch.  Thanks so much!


Jan Hopkins (Mt. Pleasant, TX)


“My girls love the dog food that I purchase from you. They will never get anything else. I have 3 Shih Tzus,( Iggy, Babbit & Bean) it is  a treat for them everytime I feed them. They are the happiest dogs in the world being on Flint River ranch food. Thank you for a great product!!!”

Janita Schmitz (Warrenville, IL)


“It came today.  We had fun with Phoebe.  We set her food, and the two types you sent us and watched what she would do.  She sniffed her science diet first then went to the other ones.   She liked both of the ones from you.  She would constantly sniff hers but never ate it. 

 Then we mixed them up with her science diet and she picked your dog food out while making a mess and dropping the science diet out of her mouth.  It was so cute and funny. 

 I remember reading one of your testimonials that did the same thing.  I thought that was funny. 

We will get in touch soon.”

 Chris Fortune


“My dogs love the Fish & Chips!   I tried a couple of other allergy brands and they didn' eat a lick!  This food has changed Hula Girl's life and has gotten her allergies under control.  It turns out that I've been feeding her Moist n Meatys for  past couple of years only to provoke her itchy ears.  With Fish & Chips, she's finally gotten relief!!!




“Hi Bob & Deena,

Thanks for the senior plus dog food.  Schatzi LOVES it.  I found your web site when searching for information on finicky dogs.   Schatzi wasn't usually a finicky eater, but she wasn't eating her (formerly) regular dog food, even when I tried adding canned food and then baby food.  But I haven't had problems getting her to eat with the Flint River Ranch food.  I like the fact that it's made without fillers or by-products.  I became very indignant when the mad-cow episode in Washington started, and the Dept. of Agriculture (or whoever it was) stated that ill animals would henceforth not be added to the human food chain, but they could be used for pet food.  As if pets aren't important!  Anyway, I'd like to sign up for the automatic shipment program.  What information do you need? 

Thanks for your help – Patty” 
(Stanhope, NJ)


      “I know I have mentioned this before, but this food is wonderful. I try to impress upon peole at work how good this food is for their dogs. Some people just find it easier to go to the store and buy Alpo.

     We have a 15 month old cockapoo and it was difficult at times to get him to eat. We were feeding him what I thought was high quality food from another company.

     I happened to be looking for nutritional food for dogs and I came across Flint River.

     Bailey, our dog loves this food. He knows when we go to the cuppard to get it's time to chow down. Even though he is young and energetic your food seems to put a little more bounce in his leaps. I try to tell as many people I can about the benefits of Flint River. In all my years (50) have I never seen a better food for my dogs.

     I wish people would realize that the poor quality of food they get from a grocery store only yeilds to problems down the line with potential illness.

With much thanks,

Gregory and Linda Swiderski

Rolling Meadows, IL


  “ Our dog Bailey has had alot of problems with some hot spots, itching and licking of paws and toes. We couldn't figure out why he kept doing this even though he was on Flint River. It just so happened we found out that where he gets bordered during the day was givng him a different food at lunch.

     Since then most if not all of his problems have disappeared. I will contine to sing the praises of Flint River. If I could only get people to try it once...

Best wishes,

Gregory and Linda Swiderski,

Rolling Meadows, IL” 


“The dog food that I ordered came today and I gave some to my Boston Terrier tonight and she liked it!!!!  Most of the time I have to put something (broth,gravy,etc.) over her food for her to eat it good but not tonight.  And it was nice for me, too.  It didn't smell unpleasant and even looked better than her other food.  And, another good thing---even with having it shipped to my door, it was cheaper than what I have been buying at the pet store!  And it came so quickly!

I bet I will be ordering more!

Greta Ford

 Jacksonville, AL”


Finnegan had major intestinal problems, terrible painful gas and other gastronomical problems. We were taking him to the vet at least once a month. One such attack cost me close to a thousand dollars for one night in the emergency hospital when he started sluffing off his intestinal lining. We tried other highly recommended food to no avail. I came across the web site for Flint River Food and we decided to give it a try. We have been feeding him the Lamb, Millet and Rice formula mixed with a small amount of the Dry Water for about 5 months now and he has had absolutely no attacks. The few dollars more for Flint River has more than made up for the money we were putting out for vet bills.  As you can see by the pic, he is well fed, contented boy.

Thanks for your product. I thought maybe you would like to see where the flint river food was going. Charlie


Thank you very much! I just wanted to mention that my little girl, who is now 7 months old loves Flint River Ranch. It was recommended to me by a friend from my local dog park. Since the switch from the Pro Plan Puppy food she was getting from the place I got her from, she's healthy, has never had digestive problems again, and from the day I gave her FRR for the first time, she didn't go near her other food. I tried to mix the two together initially to help with the transition but she picked out all the FRR food and wouldn't eat the other anymore! She eats less of FRR also, and I have to admit that I feel good knowing that the food is good enough for me to eat!   :) Thank You!


Thanks for the info. We received the food and it's wonderful!!! My dog has completely stopped throwing up. I am so pleased with your product and will be a regular customer. I'm so happy I found it and I find myself telling everyone about it. (I'm a dog groomer and see tons of dog owners every day). Thanks, Shari


I just have to tell you that my brother Garry ordered from you and gave me a sample of your dog food. Not only did my 2 dogs love it, but my 8 cats tore open a bag to get to it. They absolutely love it!! Thank you!  Jimmie


I would like you to know how impressed my wife and I are with the Flint River Ranch dog and cat food. Our animals love it and one of our cats, who always had a very delicate stomach, has no problem with it at all. Furthermore, it's quality is obvious just by smelling and looking at it. Sincerely, W. Buddy


Thank you so very much for offering the free samples. I found your web site to be very informational with little effort. I have been looking for a dry dog food that does not contain harmful ingredients nor animal parts unfit for human consumption. I also appreciated the follow up from my sample request. Your e-mails as well as the information that you sent to my home were very much appreciated. I especially liked the refrigerator magnet with my code number on it for quick reference. I will be ordering again soon. My dog really enjoys the food and I am so glad that it is healthy for her. I know that buying your dog food that has no by-products in it is the food that I want my dog to be nourished by. Thanks again Deena,  Janet 


I just received my order of your dog and cat food. I am amazed! My cat and dog are the pickiest eaters I have ever seen. My dog attacked the bag and would barely let me get it into his bowl! And he hates dog food unless I put gravy on it! Now he is looking all over for where I put the bag! It is hilarious. Ditto with the cat. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. And it arrived so well packaged and quick! Very appreciative, Kathleen


I received my dog food today and my min pin just loves it. I hope to again be doing business with you in the future. Chasidy


Thanks for the e-mail...I tried a sample of the dog food..or...my dog did! And she loved it... Oh by the way...my dog is a VERY finicky eater...I've tried at least 5 different dog foods...all supposedly good ones...Innova, Neutro, Max...this one she gobbled up...So I had no choice but to order it. Thank God I can stop looking... Lisa


I am very pleased with the Flint River Ranch food. My dog Karma is a very picky eater but she loves this! Thanks so much for the special price and believe me, I'll be buying more! I wanted to know if I can have a sample of the drywater food please? Thanks again! Linda


Just wanted to tell you that Tedi finished her science project.  We were really amazed at the results.  We used the 5 different sample types we had ordered from you plus their regular food. Two of our dogs (12 year old female Pomeranian and a 2 year old male Jack Russell Terrier mix) both preferred the Puppy/Adult Oven Baked Kibble mix. The other dog a 2 year old female Jack Russell terrier mix preferred the lamb flavored food from you. We had put the food on colored plates and set the plates on the floor in a row, then we let one dog out at a time to eat.  They would smell each one and then go back to the one they wanted.  We even mixed up the order in case they were remembering where it was.  We did the experiment 7 times over a 2 week period and every time they each picked their favorite.  They would go from plate to plate almost in the same order every time.  Puppy/Adult, then senior plus, then lamb for the first 2 and lamb, puppy/adult and regular senior for the other one.  It just blew us away that they really did have a preference. Any way, Friday is payday so I will be ordering from you then. I just wanted to let you know about the results of her science project.  The science fair is Tuesday, so I let you know what happens then!  By the way, I hope it is okay that she mentioned your name as her resource!!!  She even put the Flint River Ranch packet on her board. Sherry


Just wanted to let you know that my daughter won Grand Prize in the district science fair.  She moves on now to the regional fair April 9. I was also amazed that there was so much less "clean up" after they ate this food.  They would also go to the other flavors from you and clean those up after they ate their favorites, but didn't touch their normal brand.     Sherry


I received my order today. My growing puppy loved the "Drywater". I wish it came in a larger size. It smelled wonderful. He also loves the dry food. Thanks, Elizabeth


I received the sample pack, and I fed my puppy some of your food mixed with the eukanuba.  Well the little smarty picked thru it and ate only your dog food! I left the remaining eukanuba in his dish all day. He sniffed it, looked at me, and walked away.  While he wasn't looking I added more of your dog food to it, and sure enough when he went to his bowl, he sniffed it, picked around and ate all your dog food only! Well I guess he has a new dog food! Thanks for the sample! I will be ordering a bag as soon as I'm done writing to you! If there is anything I can do for you to help you sell more of your dog food let me know!? Thanks, Mary :)


My cats love the treats I purchased along with the food.  My vet likes this product since I have a cat with a crystal problem and the other one is severely allergic.  They seem to be responding fine so far.  I did miss giving them treats and these seem to be suited well for them.  I am happy to find this product. Thanks, Barbara


Thank you for your remarkable promptness in sending my dog food supply within two days after ordering.  I am so grateful...and so is my dog.  And your honesty and integrity come through your email words. The very best to you and your company, Derek


Well, first off I want to say how wonderful your dog food is.......My dog has been suffering from MAJOR hotspots for over a year.  I’ve  taken him to the vet, spent tons of money on meds,  bought him the best dog food out there (so I thought anyways), bought every ointment I could think of,  but NOTHING!! Until one day my mom found your site and  insisted on trying it..."couldn’t hurt.” We have had him on your food for a few months now,  his hot spots are GONE! No more chewing ! His tail looked like it had been tied in knots! His tail is looking so good! He loves your food! He's able to be happy and not suffer any longer! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!    We won't be using anything else!!!   
Jennifer and Scooby ( 3 year old German Shepard)  ( Dixon,   Ca)


A few weeks ago I started feeding my dog, Sadie, the Flint River Ranch 'Lamb, Millet and Rice' dog food. What a difference it's made! Her dry, flaking skin and itching hot spots have now almost completely disappeared, and her coat is shiny and healthy looking. Thank-you for providing a food that makes such a difference in the health of our pets. Cheryl T. - Escondido, CA


I specialize in treating the so called "chronic incurable diseases" of Western medicine and many of my patients are considered to be dying when they come to me. One of the first changes in their life style is to have all of my patients eating a wholesome, human quality food. In order for a patient to be cured of these "incurable" diseases they must become healthy. Without a good wholesome diet the rest of the therapy can not be successful. I can not recommend any other food other than the Flint River Ranch food.               Walt McCall, DVM, Campbell, CA


I have now raised three ... puppies to the age of six months with nicely controlled growth rates, beautiful coat and condition, and to this point, excellent overall health and soundness. I cannot claim this for the "premium puppy foods" I have used in the past. ...I feel very fortunate to have such an excellent line of pet foods available for myself and my clients, as I firmly believe it is the first and most important part of a preventative or restorative health program. Debra J. Mack, DVM, Boise, ID


As you know, I have been retailing FRR in my clinic for several months now. I have had only positive results. The food is so palatable, I have yet to have any pet refuse to eat it. The clients are seeing noticeable improvement in their pets' skin, haircoat and general level of vitality. I have a three-year old Westie that suffers from atopy and allergies in general. Her owner commented just today that she has never seen Maddie's hair look so good! I agree! Another patient was in the clinic almost every other month with chronic yeast or staph. When I saw him last week, his ears were clean and healthy. The owner reports no changes other than feeding Flint River! I also have a couple of FUS cats now on FRR instead of Feline C/D. So far so good! Only a couple of years ago I was one of the top retailers of Hills Science Diet in the metro Atlanta area. I felt comfortable feeding and recommending these products to my clients. Now, however, I am seeing the results of feeding a high quality ALL NATURAL food. Those artificial ingredients and preservatives truly do (directly or indirectly) cause a host of problems. I'll never again recommend any food that is not totally natural. Dr. Junia Childs, DVM, Atlanta, GA


If you only knew what I know about the FLINT RIVER RANCH pet food and business, you would not hesitate for a minute to become involved with this company. The veterinarians, dog & cat fanciers, groomers, other pet professionals and pet lovers who have joined this company deserve a lot of credit for breaking ties with the major pet food companies to recommend a holistic pet food like FLINT RIVER RANCH. Over time they will be rewarded with an additional residual, retirement income.                 
Roger G. -- Arizona


Dachshund - We have always fed the best food we could afford and we were feeding Laddie an all-natural food when he had a serious back problem. We compared the old food with Flint River Ranch and decided to switch. Laddie liked the oven-baked kibble better and it sure smelled better. It took less of it to satisfy his big appetite and he enjoyed the taste more. We liked the variety of ingredients in Flint River Ranch.    Annie G. -- Arizona



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